Birds LOVE 6 pk Mini Sneakers Shoes Toys for Birds, Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Small Animals - Mini Cloth Sneakers

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Pattern: Mini Cloth Sneakers
  • ONLY ONE GROMMET FOR SAFET - eight shoestring holes have no grommets, only the rear grommet is installed so shoe can be added to a toy. Other sneakers have multiple grommets, our toy is bird safe. Colors may vary, lighting may affect exact shade of the colors shown. Always monitor your bird when they are playing with toys.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS - Added colors mean more fun for birds
  • BUY IN VOLUME SAVE MONEY - This 6-pack really saves money on these economical parrot toys
  • USE FOR OTHER PETS AS WELL - Not just birds, can use for cats, ferrets, Guinea Pigs and other small animals
  • ALL BIRDS NEED AT LEAST ONE FOOT TOY - And now you have found the best one!


These totally cute mini-sneakers are one of the best foot toys you can get for your companion parrot>>>>>>6 in a pack, multiple colors, these sneakers have only one grommet on heel end so that you may safely hang it or add it to another toy>>>>>>All birds need a fun foot toy, and you have just found the ULTIMATE BIRD FOOT TOY, tiny sneakers!