Birds LOVE Wood Stars and Leather Toy for Bird Cage Stand or Playgym, Medium Parrots Conures Quakers Caiques Mini Cockatoos African Grey

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  • [Safe bird toy]: bright human grade food colored wood stars hanging from leather strings. The colors and squeaky sound will draw your bird's attention as soon as you hang it from its cage or playgym.
  • [Healthy & Happy Bird]: Helps reducing stress and boredom, chewing wood will trim bird's beak and natural leather knots encourage preening.
  • [For Small to Medium]: Parakeets, Green Cheek Conures, Cockatiels, Caiques, Sun Conures, Mini Macaws, Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons, Citron Cockatoos, Goofins Cockatoo, Pionus, Queen of Bavaria Conures, Quaker parakeets, Senegals will enjoy this hanging toy.
  • [Dimensions]: toy measures approximately 6” x 5” x 2”. Perfect for inside cages, stand or playgym. Always monitor your bird when playing with new toys.
  • [Shipped from USA]: This Birds LOVE toy is proudly sold by an American company and shipped from the USA to you! If you have any problems after receiving the product, please contact us so we can assist and resolve it


Great chewing human grade food wood and leather toy to fit bird cage or stand helping bird's natural behavior. Brightly colored wood stars are perfect for chewing, and squeaky leather draw parrot attention. Increases mental and physical stimulation for your feathered friend with this entertaining cage toy. This toy weights 10 oz and measures 6inx5inx2in.