Birds LOVE Wood Log of Hanging Chew Fun for Extra Large Birds – Hyacinth Macaw and Similar Sized Birds - Large without Cardboard - 27 l x 16 w

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Size: LG w/o Cardboard - 27 l x 16 w
  • HUGE BIRD TOY-Our birds are not photoshopped in, they are our models! These toys are guaranteed to be true to scale. Yea, we have seen some ridiculous photos so out of proportion its a wonder they are even purchased by anyone
  • SAFE FOOD COLORING USED-nice bright colors are safe, and encourage your bird to play with and DESTROY THIS TOY! BIG FUN! Your large Macaw or Cockatoo will flip out when they see this monster of a toy with over 72 pieces!
  • PROPERLY SIZE, SAFE CHAIN so that your large macaw or Cockatoo won't simply snap the metal chain and leave your toy in pieces on the bottom of the cage. We have the highest quality, best toy factory. And all toys and birds are to shown scale, no bait and switch with any Birds LOVE toys!
  • THIS WILL BE YOUR BIRD"S FAV TOY-It is many, well actually most of our birds' favorite large chew toy. They seriously get excited when we go to put another one in their cage
  • CLEVERLY DESIGNED so that entire toy is destructible - similar toys have a hollow, non-chewable bamboo piece from which the chains hang. Our toy uses a chewable solid purple wood cylinder
Want to hear your bird say "OH MY GOODNESS-THAT"S A BIG TOY!" Well, that's the first thing that will come out of your bird's beak when they see this toy. Yes, their eyes will pop, their beak will open, and they will love you even more than they already do. No, the Blue and Gold and other birds shown in our pics are not photoshopped in, they are our actual models (boy, some of those funny named new toy sellers from outside the USA are quite amusing, right?). This is seriously a big, no huge, toy. Yes, it's pine and yes your bird will destroy it. But isn't that why we get toys for our feathered friends in the first place? Are we decorating the cage with toys they won't touch and have then sit there and collect dander, or, do we want get them a bunch of colored fun on a chain? You know the answer....BUY ONE NOW! This large macaw and cockatoo bird toy has six long strands with over 14 pieces of wood each hanging not from a piece of non-chewable bamboo, but rather from a chewable thick wooden dowel. Why not have the entire toy destructible? We have several Blue and Gold macaws, and this is by far their favorite toy. Try one! Measures approx. 27" long x 16" wide