Birds LOVE set of 2 Handcrafted Small Multi-Branch Coffeewood Perches for Conures, Caiques, Ringnecks, Senegals, Quakers and all Similar Sized Birds

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  • All Coffeewood is sustainably harvested in Thailand by Thai villagers - All natural perches each one is different and unique - Only one Medium perch per order.
  • Unlike all other Coffeewood, Javawood, or other wood with different names that are actually coffeewood, our perches have been handcrafted
  • We handcraft to make it safer for your bird, since coffeewood is naturally slippery and bad for bird feet (they get something called Bumblefoot, callouses of the pads of their feet from constantly sliding off the perch)
  • Birds LOVE has perfected a technique to handcraft the Coffeewood to make ridges and give it a matt, rough finish which birds truly enjoy and is very comfortable for the birds to stand on. And, the quality is AAA and the bird cage perches are beautiful!
  • The BIRD SAFE hardware consists of a chrome-plated yellow hangar bolt with a chrome-plated wingnut and fender washers


Bird cage perches that are durable, non-slippery, handcrafted, and sustainably harvested in Thailand with bird-safe hardware. No other coffeewood bird cage perch producer is able to make these claims nor produce such quality bird cage perches as these. We have been in the bird business for over 25 years and have observed birds perching on the commercially available coffeewood or javawood perches (same wood) and have heard hundreds of complaints from bird caretakers stating their birds are slipping and sliding all over the perches and their birds do not seem to enjoy perching on the slippery slick wood. Enter Birds LOVE with their HANDCRAFTED COFFEEWOOD BIRD CAGE PERCHES! Our perches are hand ground creating grooves and a rough surface which BIRDS CAN ACTUALLY GRIP! People buy Coffeewood or Javawood due to its beauty, but it’s horrible for birds to perch on UNLESS it is handcrafted with Birds LOVE novel technique. Yes, it is time-consuming and expensive, but the end result is a hard, durable, non-slippery, beautiful and long-lasting bird cage perch! Try one NOW! NOTE: Since our perches are natural, none are the same and may vary between a straight branch and multiple branches. Our picture shows multiple types of perches for variance purposes only. Please select quantity when purchasing.