Birds LOVE Powder Puff Football Bird Cage Toy with Leather, Stainless Spoons, Paper Rope Sisal and Plastic Balls for All Medium Birds

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  • *So much material, so little time! This is a fantastic multi-media toy for all medium to large parrots.
  • *Your African Grey, Umbrella Cockatoo, Blue and Gold Macaw, even Sun Conure will Score with this football Bird Toy! Game on!
  • *Birds Safe, designed with your Bird's safety being our primary concern
  • *Designed with over 25 years experience in the bird business; tested by our flock of over 100 parrots
  • Always mix up the material of bird toys in your bird's cage; This toy is a perfect plastic and acrylic toy to have in the cage or on your bird stand


Holly Quarterback Sneak, this Birds LOVE Bird Cage Toy is Super Bird-Bowl worthy! It has it all: Plastic Chain, Plastic Disks, Leather Strips, Colored Sisal and Colored Paper rope. Oh yea, and a whiffle football! The Reception from All Medium and Large Parrots will be great! Your feathered companion will hang from this toy, shake it so the Stainless Steel spoons make some noise, have fun biting on and making the leather squeak, love preening with the cotton rope and Sisal. Basically this will become your feathered friend's fav Bird Toy. Great for all medium to large parrots.