Birds LOVE Bird Toy Paper Rope, Cotton Rope, Vine Ball Stuffed w Confetti, Woven Grass, Cardboard Bagel Rings, Wood and Plastic forms for Medium Birds

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  • NATURAL MIX OF MANY MATERIALS: Designed in an appealing way that calls to your feathered friends "Come Here and Play!" with safe bird materials as food colored wood, organic seagrass, safe bird rope, vine and more!
  • VARIETY OF COLORS AND TEXTURES - COLORFUL VARIETY: lot of options to play with in one toy: wood and plastic beans, blocks, hard cardboard, colored rope, seagrass, and a big foraging vine ball with colored paper inside
  • NATURAL STIMULATION: Will provide hours of chewing, preening, and foraging fun. This Bird Toy is a GREAT VALUE for a fun toy to use for fun and simple destruction by your feathered friend. You're Welcome!
  • PERFECT FOR: all medium sized birds like African Grey Congo and Timnehs, Caiques, Sun Conures Yellow Naped Amazons, Blue Fronted Yellow Crown Orange Winged Amazons, Mini Macaws Severe, Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoos, Ecletcus, Pionus Queen of Bavaria Cunures will all LOVE this Cool Bird Toy!
  • TESTED BY THE EXPERTS: Our flock of over 50 Parrots, who gave this toy their Beak of Approval!


Just a funky design, looks like from outer space as designed by Birds LOVE. Great mix of arms extending outwards from the centered vineball full of colored paper to forage, colored rope, cardboard to entertain your parrot, naturally dried seagrass that it is organic and is 100% all natural for lots of parrot stimulation. Good for all medium birds!!