Birds LOVE Medium Bird Toy Colorful Pine Slats, Paper Rope, Stainless Steel Spoons, Acrylic Rings, Leather Strips, Sisal African Grey Cockatoo Amazon Macaw Bird Cage

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  • BRIGHTLY COLORED FOOD SAFE COLORS: Birds can see in color, more vividly than humans. Our combination of Purple Yellow and Orange draws Birds attention and they want to play with this toy.
  • SAFE MATERIALS: We only use safe water soluble and food grade colors to color our wood. Bird Safety comes first at Birds LOVE
  • SO MANY PIECES FOR SO LITTLE MONEY This Bird Toy is a GREAT VALUE for a fun toy to use for fun and simple destruction by your feathered friend
  • PERFECT FOR: all medium sized birds like African Grey Congo and Timnehs, Caiques, Sun Conures Yellow Naped Amazons, Blue Fronted Yellow Crown Orange Winged Amazons, Mini Macaws Severe, Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoos, Ecletcus, Pionus Queen of Bavaria Cunures will all LOVE this hunk of a bird toy!
  • TESTED BY THE EXPERTS: Our flock of over 50 Parrots, who gave this toy their Beak of Approval!


37 colored pine slats, stainless spoons providing lasting sound effects (instead or a cheap silly shiny metal bell that gets its ringer pulled out the first minute your feathered friend gets their beak on the others inferior designed bird toy) acrylic jewels and paper rope adorning this solid chunk of wood pieces just taunting your parrot "Come 'on, go ahead start chewing I can take it (for a while ha-ha). A staple of a bird toy for parrots that love to chew wood. Perfect for one of the three bird toys that should always be in your bird's cage (on another one or two on their stand). Measures 15" long x 5,5" wide x 6" deep