Birds LOVE Galaxy Orbiter Small Medium Bird Cage Toy Safely Colored Cotton Rope, Pine Blocks and Plastic Chain

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  • It's a swing, it's a toy, it's a lot of fun! Highest quality rope makes a strong sphere so your small parrots can stand with solid footing (then swing like crazy!)
  • Perfect for all Lovebirds, Quakers, Cockatiels Caiques, Parakeets, Bourkes, Parrotletts and small Conures.
  • Birds Safe, designed with your Bird's safety being our primary concern.
  • Designed with over 25 years experience in the bird business; tested by our flock of over 60 parrots
  • Always mix up the material of bird toys in your bird's cage; this toy is a perfect plastic and acrylic toy to have in the cage or on your bird stand.


This is a perfect hanging Small to Medium Bird Cage Toy that your feathered friend will love to climb on, around and in. Tightly-woven high-quality cotton rope gives a stable, safe surface for your bird, and the plastic chain is added so your bird can swing and holler like Tarzan! It's a swing, it's a toy, it's a lot of fun!