Birds LOVE Bird Toy Bridge with Wood Chain Vine Balls for All Medium Parrots Sun Conures African Greys

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  • This Birds LOVE Bird Cage Toy with safely colored pine blocks and balls, plastic chain and foraging Vine Balls make for the perfect Medium Bird Cage Toy.
  • Great for Sun Conures, Jardines, Caiques, Eclectus, Mini Macaws, Small Cockatoos and similarly sized birds
  • Birds Safe, designed with your Bird's safety being our primary concern
  • Designed with over 25 years experience in the bird business; tested by our flock of over 100 parrots
  • Always mix up the material of bird toys in your bird's cage; This toy is a perfect plastic and acrylic toy to have in the cage or on your bird stand


Most popular toy on Amazon, this Bird toy can be hung straight across as a bridge or together as a hanging Bird Cage Toy. High qualtiy and bird-safe colored pine blocks are joind by plastic chains, wooden balls and foraging Vine Balls. Totally an awesome toy for all medium sized parrots.