Birds LOVE Bird Safe Chain Strung with Mini-Sneakers, Paper Rope Pacifiers Dice Acrylic Beads Bell Medium Birds for Bird Cage

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  • NICE WEIGHT AND HIGH QUALITY: When you receive this toy (yes you're going to get it) you will immediately feel the weight of it, value and safety
  • THE RIGHT STUFF: This best selling bird toy has so may different types of parts that your bird will have so much fun exploring, swing hanging and destroying
  • GREAT DESIGN GREAT VALUE BIG FUN: What more could you and your parrot companion desire?
  • PERFECT FOR: all medium sized birds like African Grey Congo and Timnehs, Caiques, Sun Conures Yellow Naped Amazons, Blue Fronted Yellow Crown Orange Winged Amazons, Mini Macaws Severe, Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoos, Ecletcus, Pionus Queen of Bavaria Cunures Macaws and Cockatoos will all LOVE this Cool Bird Toy!
  • TESTED BY THE EXPERTS: Our flock of over 50 Parrots, who gave this toy their Beak of Approval!


You will feel the quality of this toy buy its weight-it is made from high quality heavy bird safe chain so it hangs nice a straight and can hold all the fun stuff we have added: Sneakers (only one grommet, the one we use to hang it. Stay away for m the mini sneakers that have grommets in ALL lace holes), brightly colored paper rope strung with acrylic beads, dice, wooden beads, pacifiers and bell. Great for all medium birds like Caiques, African Grays, small Cockatoos, mini-macaws, Sun Conures, Eclectus and all similarly sized birds.