Birds LOVE Spray Millet Healthy Treat plus 3Pkg Large Cuttlebone for Lovebirds Parakeets Canary & All Parrots - 5lbs w/3pk Large Cuttlebone

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Millet, unlike most other natural and seeds and grains fed to pet birds, is a healthy treat that provides all pet birds with the energy they need without filling them full of harmful excess oils, as sunflower seeds and other other seeds.

  1. It is a pure grain that is not only healthy for birds but also Birds LOVE Spray Millet! You do not have to cajole them to eat it, especially the smaller birds. Larger birds, quite frankly, will generally like it (especially African Greys and Cockatoos) but for sure the little guys go bonkers over it!
  2. Our millet is proudly grown in the USA without pesticides, tested by our flock and has been given the Birds LOVE stamp of approval!
  3. There is cheaper millet available, but there isn't better millet for your beloved companion pet birds than Birds LOVE Spray Millet!

Our Fat and Lovely Spray millet is now available in three sizes - 1 lb, 5 lb, and 25 lb. And our Breeders Special spray millet is available in 5 lb.
This option includes a 3-pack of large cuttlebones

Birds LOVE Millet Spray for Birds 5 lbs

Healthy, tasty, and American-made, this is millet Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets, Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Quakers, African Greys, Sun Conures, Cockatoos, and in fact most Parrots will love.

  1. Millet is highly digestible and highly alkaline which counteract acids, digest easily and builds immune systems. It is also an excellent source of protein, with one of the highest amino acid profiles of all the cereal grains.
  2. Low in fat, millet supplies Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, folate, and Vitamin K, as well as the minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, and potassium.
  3. It is also a natural stress-reliever for birds which also provides foraging fun. Feed millet daily!
 Birds LOVE Millet Spray for Birds 5 lbs
  Includes Birds LOVE 3-Pack Large Cuttlebone

Includes Birds LOVE 3-Pack Large Cuttlebone


  • Provides all Finches, Parakeets and Parrots essential natural calcium and minerals
  • Derived from natural dried cuttlefish, helps keep finch and canary beaks conditioned
  • Great for all birds from canaries and finches to large parrots
  • African Greys can fed fed broken chunks as they require more calcium than most any other parrot
  • Equipped with holder to allow easy installation on cage for finch and parakeets and small parrots; Measure about 6-7 inches in length

Birds LOVE SPray Millet: Safest, healthiest USA grown grain for your Pet Birds

Bulk Millet Spray for Birds

Bulk Millet Spray for Birds

Feeding Instructions:

  • For small birds: Feed 1/3-1/2 Millet spray daily
  • For Medium birds: Feed 1 Millet Spray daily
  • For Large parrots: Feed 2-3 Millet Spray daily


Our non-GMO cockatiel food is grown in the USA and dried to perfection under strict quality-control standards. Your bird is a beautiful product of nature; let him or enjoy this yield spray for the best in flavor, comfort, and health.

Birds LOVE: The Ultimate Millet Spray for Birds

This bulk millet spray for birds comes in at five pounds. Unlike other healthy pet bird treats and grains that come in a mere handful, at five pounds bulk this flavor spray gives you the most cost-effective bird food millet spray while also ensuring you won’t have to constantly order more so quickly after your last order. Your bird can’t get enough of this bonding spray; make sure you don’t run out too soon.

 Easy Storage

Easy Storage

This spray millet that most Birds LOVE can be stored in a cool and dry environment for over a year with no problems, and our millet does not attract other bugs. Let your bird – and only your bird – enjoy this millet spray.

 Only offered by BirdDog Depot

Only offered by BirdDog Depot

Whether it is our unique toy designs, improved food blends, non-GMO millet, or great value stands and cages, Birds LOVE is your go-to place for all of your pet's needs.