Tidy Seed Bird Feeder - The No Mess Bird Feeder - Small

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Ordinary bird seed feeders just don't do the job. Other bird feeders are more like a dog or cat dish. The bird picks through looking for their favorite seeds - throwing seeds and empty hulls everywhere inside and outside the cage. Some bird feeders attach to the cage but their open design does little to control the seeds. Tidy Seed is the original feeder with a built in, acrylic perch which doesn't breed bacteria like other feeders with the wooden perches. This 5" wide and high by 4 1/2" deep crystal-clear acrylic feeder is designed for birds ranging from finches to conures. You can hang the feeder inside or outside of the cage, depending on which pre-drilled set of holes you insert the provided hooks (Please do not over-tighten the hooks when screwing them into your feeder, they will break off !)