Birds LOVE Zigzag Bird Wood Bird Toy for Bird Cage African Grey Macaw Cockatoo Pine and Sisal

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  • LARGE SAFE ECONOMICAL BIRD TOY for all medium and large birds who LOVE to chew
  • SAFE MATERIALS: We only use safe water soluble and food grade colors to color our wood. Bird Safety comes first at Birds LOVE
  • GREAT FOR BIRDS WHO LOVE TO CHEW WOOD: So many pieces of wood at such a great value
  • BEST DESGN: Our own flock of 50 birds tests all toys, and our birds who love to chew, medium to large birds, loved this toy!
  • BEST FOR: All large parrots such as Macaws and Cockatoos, and medium to large size birds who love to chew


What a great economical chew toy for all medium and large birds! Great pieces of pine colored with bird safe water soluble colors, cut into interesting shapes that form a Zig-Zag appearance. 20 pieces of wood cut 3 different shapes, and some sisal, all adds up to a high quality, fun, economical and safe bird toy. Measures a huge 32" long x 5.5" wide