Birds LOVE Rope Wood Block Drop for Medium to Large Size Birds

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  • Made of colorful wooden blocks and multi colored sisal and cotton rope
  • Will provide hours of preening, chewing and climbing fun
  • Satisfies your bird’s natural instinct to chew and preen
  • All of our designs are approved for stimulation and safety by our own pet birds
  • The Rope Wood Block Drop is perfect for quakers, conures, african greys, cockatoos or even macaws!


The Birds LOVE Rope Wood Block Drop will provide your bird with hours of climbing, chewing and preening fun! The wood blocks allow your bird to exercise it’s natural need to chew wood while the sisal rope allows for plenty of preening time! The design of this toy allows your bird to swing and climb to its heart content! Nothing but hours of natural fun! The Rope Wood Block Drop weighs approximately 1.3 pounds and is 17 inches long and 7 inches in diameter. Perfect for quakers, larger conures, african greys, cockatoos and even larger macaws!