Birds LOVE Octo Wood Rope and Sisal Bird Toy for Bird Cage African Grey Amazon Macaw Cockatoo All Medium Large Birds

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A square bird toy is just that -SQUARE! Birds don't like to cut corners, they like to bite them! Birds LOVE corners! So, why a square toy with 4 corners when you can go Octo with 8? Right? Place your bets 'cuz we're betting your birds eyes will pop when they see this bad boy big chew Octo bird toy. Great for all medium and large birds who love to chew. Your bird will thank you! Parrot toy measures 13" Long x 4" wide x 4" deep

  • Birds LOVE Corners-Why go Square when you can go Octo? Birds LOVE was the first one to think of using an Octagon rather than an old Square
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF: Bird Safe Wood and Rope to give your bird so much to seek and destroy!
  • COMPACT YET FULL OF FUN: This bird toy for all medium and large birds who love to chew is a heavy dense and great parrot toy
  • SAFETY FIRST: Birds LOVE only uses bird safe colors for all of their material for birds
  • TESTED BY THE EXPERTS: Our flock of over 50 Parrots, who gave this toy their Beak of Approval!