Birds LOVE Octo-Block Wood Tower with Spoons for Large & Extra Large Birds - Blue & Gold Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos, Hyacinth Macaws

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  • HUGE BIRD TOY-Our birds are not photoshopped in, they are our models! These toys are guaranteed to be true to scale. Yea, we have seen some ridiculous photos so out of proportion its a wonder they are even purchased by anyone
  • SAFE FOOD COLORING USED-nice bright colors are safe, and encourage your bird to play with and DESTROY THIS TOY! BIG FUN! Your large macaw or Cockatoo will flip out when they see this monster of a toy
  • PROPERLY SIZE, SAFE CHAIN so that your large macaw or Cockatoo won't simply snap the metal chain and leave your toy in pieces on the bottom of the cage. We have the highest quality, best toy factory. And all toys are to scale, no bait and switch here
  • THIS WILL BE YOUR BIRD"S FAV TOY-It is many, well actually most of our birds' favorite large chew toy. They seriously get excited when we go to put another one in their cage
  • STAINLESS STEEL SPOONS rather than a destructible bell is on the bottom of this toy, providing your bird with hours of clean, lightly clanging fun


Another great HUGE toy from Birds LOVE! As we all know by now, birds LOVE chewing corners, so why not give them more corners?!?! That's what we have done-most toys that are similarly designed use plain boring simple wooden squares. We got crazy, cut off all of the four corners and guess what! Your favorite bird now has twice the number of corners to chew, and the Birds LOVE Octo Block Giant bird toy was born! Spiced up with four vine balls so that you can hide some almonds or Lafeber's NutriBerries inside to make this giant macaw and cockatoo toy not only a chew toy, but also a foraging toy! Don't you just love a multi-functional big bird toy? And instead of one of those bells that will be broken by your bird in thirty seconds, we have stainless steel spoons hanging from the bottom - indestructible, and they still make a little noise to stimulate your bird. Only food colors are used to dye the soft pine wood for this huge, safe, fun large macaw and cockatoo toy.