Birds LOVE Hanging Wiffle Ball w Plastic Chains Bells Pacifier and Mop Fabric Bird Toy for Small & Medium Bird Toy for Bird Cage - Color Variety

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  • SAFE MATERIALS: plastic, cloth and metal bird safe materials
  • COLORFUL VARIETY: lot of options to play with in one toy: plastic rings, jingle bells, mop-like cloth, foraging wiffle ball
  • NATURAL STIMULATION: Will provide hours of chewing, preening, foraging and climbing fun
  • PERFECT FOR: all medium and small sized birds like African Grey Congo and Timnehs, Caiques, Sun Conures, Yellow Naped Amazons, Blue Fronted Yellow Crown Orange Winged Amazons, Mini Macaws Severe, Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoos, Ecletcus, Pionus Queen of Bavaria Conures, Macaws and Cockatoos will all LOVE this Cool Bird Toy!
  • TESTED: All of our designs are approved for stimulation and safety by our own pet birds


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