Birds LOVE 3" Hanging Clear Wiffle Balls Unscrew Foraging Medium and Large Bird Toy with Vine Balls Inside for Bird Cage

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  • BEST SELLING FORAGING BIRD TOY: Hang this foraging balls in the cage or on their play gym!
  • BEST QUALITY CLEAR NEARLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Easy to unscrew, put treats inside and close up to hang in bird cage or parrot play gym
  • GREAT VALUE for a fun toy to use for fun and simple foraging for your feathered friend. You're Welcome!
  • DON’T JUST FEED YOUR BIRD in their dish every day! Make them forage for their food like they do in the wild! Bring out their natural instinct, give them mental stimulation
  • TESTED BY THE EXPERTS: Our flock of over 50 Parrots, who gave this toy their Beak of Approval!


These 3" clear molded acrylic nearly indestructible toys are just PERFECT for putting your Parrot's favorite dry nuts seeds and treats. They will have a frustratingly great time trying to get to the treats. Measures 3" wide and hung on a bird safe metal chain.