Birds LOVE Bird Play Gym Tabletop w Cup, Toy Hanger and Toy, Javan TigerTail Stand - Small

  • [Portable Stand]: this entertaining wood playgym gives your bird time outside of the cage to play, to exercise, and to interact with you. Keep your bird entertained, healthy, and stress-free with a bird play gym. It includes two cotton round perches to provide a fun environment to exercise
  • [Shipped from USA]: This Birds LOVE stand is proudly sold by an American company and shipped from the USA to you!
  • [Suitable for small-to-medium birds]: cockatiels, conures, senegals, lovebirds, bourkes, Dimensions: 13.5 IN height, 16.5 IN length, 13 IN width, Toy Hook Perch 17 IN straight, perch diameter is 0.75 IN
  • [Wood, Cotton + TOY!]: the playstand includes one laminated base, one main perch with two cotton perches attached, a stainless steel cup for water or food, a cotton perch and ONE FREE TOY!
  • [Easy to Clean & Assemble]: Easy to assemble, follow the included directions or watch our assembly video. Easy to clean laminate base to keep the droppings off your floor. If you have any problems after receiving the stand, please contact us so we can assist and resolve it


We have designed this Birds LOVE stand taking into consideration your comfort and your bird's. When parrots are kept as pets they need time outside their cages to exercise, play, and interact with you. Without the right stand, birds have nothing to climb and explore, and quickly get bored therefore this leads to discomfort, stress, and unhealthy feathering. Having a bird play-gym made from the proper material is critical to the development of a properly socialized bird. Our table top bird stands are made from a strong natural wood, super tight cotton that it is almost indestructible (although we want them to rip it off!), a stainless steel cup for food or water, and because we love birds so much, we have included a toy for their entertainment. Feel free to attach the tightly cotton perch and hang our toy, or any bird toy! - You can also attach another of your cups instead, if it's suitable. This large TigerTail Bird Stand is perfect for small-to-medium parrots as: parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, sun conures, dusky conures, mitred conures, pineapple conures, green cheecked conures, quakers, cockatiels, lovebirds, bourkes, senegals and all similar sized birds. Dimensions are 13.5 IN height (from bottom to main perch), 16.5 IN length (of base), 13 IN width (of base), Toy Hook Perch 17 IN (straight from wood perch to hook), main perch diameter is 0.75 IN.