Choosing The BEST Toys For Your Pet Bird!

Choosing The BEST Toys For Your Pet Bird!

Choosing The Best Toys For Your Pet Bird!


Bird toys not only provide essential amounts of exercise, but they also give your bird a proficients amount of mental stimulation as well as relieve boredom that more and more birds seems to be experiencing these days.

You see, there are many different types of both behavioral & health problems that can stem simply from a bird not receiving the proper amount of stimulation. In fact, your pet bird will spend most of his or her day playing with their toys when you aren't there to keep them company. There are three very basic tenets to remember when considering which toys are best for your bird...

1. Your pet bird will definitely require a toys that offer the following:

  • Color (for obvious reasons!)
  • Taste (Stimulates palate)
  • Texture (A variety of feel)
  • Size (A variety of look)
  • Puzzles (Problem solving that ALL birds need)

2. It's very important to remember that you must rotate our the toys

Either weekly (or at least every other week) to ensure that your pet bird doesn't get use to the same toys over and over to wind up eventually getting bored with them.

3. Make sure that you are choosing the toys that are also appropriate for your bird's size.

For example, small and fairly lightweight toys and accessories are the perfect thing to give small birds; however if you're dealing with larger birds, then keep in mind that they really like to manipulate the thicker toys with their strong beaks, tongues, and feet so make sure whatever you get, it's durable!

Be Careful Of The CHEW Factor!

If you're the current or previous owner of a pet bird, then you already know that bird just absolutely LOVE to chew. It's actually just part of the bird's natural behavior and instinctive traits which is to tear things apart with their beaks and feet. So it's very important that you check out and monitor their toys daily for damages. Make sure to toss out any toys that have cracks or could potentially break into small pieces that have the potential to injure your bird.

In conclusion, finding the perfect and most pleasuring bird toys will require some consistent trial and error, but the perfect way to find your pet bird's new favorite toy is to start off with a small variety of safe toys and see which ones your bird messes with most often (or destroys the quickest)! Check out some new toys here.

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