Birds LOVE Bird Toy Triple Threat Balls and Plastic Chains for African Grey Amazons Macaws and All Medium and Large Birds

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Nice Plastic Balls with smaller plastic balls inside, connected by three plastic colorful chains. Just don't drop it on your floor, but inside bird cage toy is perfect! Safe, fun, colorful toy for all Medium and Large Parrots such as African Grey, Umbrella Cockatoo, Severe Macaw, Goffin Cockatoo, Yellow Naped Amazon, Cuban Amazon, and similar sized birds.

  • *Excellent bright and fun plastic toy for your medium to large parrot
  • Classic Bird Cage Toy Design, tried and true!
  • Birds Safe, desgned with your Bird's safety being our primary concern
  • Designed with over 25 years experience in the bird business; tested by our flock of over 100 parrots
  • Always mix up the material of bird toys in your bird's cage; This toy is a perfect plastic and acrylic toy to have in the cage or on your bird stand