Birds LOVE Bird Toy Bell Pull Ball of Mostly Bells for African Greys and All Medium Sized Parrots - Jeweled Pacifiers

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Pattern: Jeweled Pacifiers
  • Great safe toy for all Medium sized parrots with Plastic Whiffle Ball, Acrylic Pacifiers and Rings, and a bell!
  • Birds LOVE the jingling of this bird toy, generally this toys is good for months of fun depending on how destructive your feathered friend is
  • Bird Safe, designed with your Bird's safety being our primary concern
  • Designed with over 25 years experience in the bird business; tested by our flock of over 100 parrots
  • Always mix up the material of bird toys in your bird's cage; This toy is a perfect plastic and acrylic toy to have in the cage or on your bird stand


This Bird Toy starts with a large wiffle ball as the center and has attached to it mostly Plastic Jewels, Pacifies and a few bells as well as Paper Rope. Lots of noise, colors and nice reflections from the plastic jewel rocks really help to engage your medium sized parrot. Great for African Greys, Amazons, Sun Conures, Caiques, Timney Greys, Goffin Cockatoo, Umbrella Cockatoo, Severe Macaw, Jardines, Eclectus and similarly sized parrots