Birds LOVE Feed, Don’t Waste Bird Cage Feeder for Small Birds, Finch Canary Parakeet Lovebird Conure Parrotlet

The Birds LOVE No Mess Acrylic 3-Step Bird Seed Feeder is recommended for Finches, Canaries, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Conures, and Parrotlet. All extra small and small birds will enjoy eating from this feeder, which has 3 steps that help them get used to it and provides a space to clean their beaks after eating. Birds will eat from the opening and drop the uneaten shell to the bottom of the feeder. According to their size and daily food needs, the adjustable panel in the opening allows you to control the volume of seeds available for your bird. Refill from the top panel without detaching the feeder from the cage, the clear acrylic allows you to see when it’s time to add more seeds. It is easy to clean by removing from the outside the small tray at the bottom. Measurements are 8.20 x 2.30 x 2.90. Can be used for cages with a wire-opening no larger than 1.2 inches and attached to a door opening of 3.5 inches. Made in USA