Birds LOVE 2-Pack Bird Toy Safe Colorful Fabric Mop of Multiple Multi-Colored Fabric Strips for Small and Medium Birds

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  • DO YOU LIKE TO CUDDLE AND GET YOUR BACK RUBBED AND HEAD SCRATCHED: Well so does your bird! This toy enables birds to get great peace, comfort, and fulfillment and get the gentle touches they seek when you are not home. Gotta get one!
  • SAFE FABRIC: Does not have any strands inside so it is safe for your companion bird
  • TWO TOYS FOR THIS OFFER: This Bird Toy (uh, bird toys since two are included for the price of one) is a GREAT VALUE for a fun toy to use for fun and simple cuddling and hiding by your feathered friend. You're Welcome!
  • GOOD FOR: Just about any pet bird!
  • TESTED BY THE EXPERTS: Our flock of over 50 Cuddling Parrots, who gave this toy their Fav Cuddle Bird Toy Approval!


A two-pack! Yes, this great is not for one toy, but for two toys!!! This is what we call a COMFORT BIRD TOY (comfort for your bird and your wallet - lol!) Birds love to cuddle, get their heads scratched, have their backs gently rubbed=, and Birds LOVE to hide!. With this simple yet functional bird toy, your feathered friend can use this toy for ALL OF THE ABOVE! Yes, it's TRUE! Inexpensive yet so perfectly functional.